Vierville, France

  • Location: Northwest France
  • Latitude: 49° 22' 0N
  • Longitude: 0° 54' 0W
  • Founded: ?
  • WW2 Liberation Date: June 6, 1944

The village of Vierville-sur-Mer was located inland of the Omaha Beach draw designated as Dog One. Around 10:00 a.m. on the morning of June 6, 1944 Vierville was taken by members of the 29th Infantry Division (116th Infantry Regiment, Company C).

The soldiers had fought their way up the bluffs on Omaha Beach and had approached the village from the east. Although there was no German opposition within the village itself, troops attempting to move around the village's perimeter encountered enemy resistance.

Company C of the 2nd Ranger Battalion had been given two possible plans on D-Day, the first of which involved passing through Vierville along with Company A of the 29th Infantry Division. When Company C landed they were unable to contact Company A, which had quickly suffered severe casualties, so Ranger Captain Ralph Goranson initiated his contingency plan and directed his men to scale nearby cliffs and proceed directly to their target, a German strongpoint at Point et Raz de la Percee.


Vierville is mentioned in Saving Private Ryan, but the town is never seen.